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Outdoor wall-mounted kiosk

Outdoor wall-mounted kiosk
  • Outdoor wall-mounted kiosk
  • Outdoor wall-mounted kiosk
  • Outdoor wall-mounted kiosk
  • Outdoor wall-mounted kiosk
  • Outdoor wall-mounted kiosk
excl.VAT:1 699

Outdoor container or wall mounted kiosk terminal with 15" touchscreen

Popular usage as payment or ticket vending kiosk:

  • Self service car wash system (in container)
  • Public toilet, bath (in containter)
  • Solarium control with unattended payment (drywall)
  • Self service check in for hotel or motel (plate glass or drywall)


All the product prices are based on the latest EUR change rates, so the USD and HUF prices can be changing every day.

  • Screen:

    • 15" LCD (TN) with 1000Nits (high) brightness 
    • Native resolution: 1024x768 with 5:4 aspect ratio (Optional 1280x1024)
    • IP65 water, dust and shockproof, 10 points multitouch PCAP touchscreen with antiglared surface
    • Heat reflective foil with UV protection against sunshine caused radiant heat damage


    Kiosk housing:

    • Powder-coated sheetmetal with galvanic treatment
    • Optionlal colour choosen from RAL chart
    • Default colour: Grey (RAL9006)
    • IP protection level: IP65


    Other built in features included the basic price:

    • Industy grade power supply 5,12,24V DC
    • 5 ports LAN switch
    • Residual-current device
    • Stereo multimedia speakers


    Please select the required PC configuration from the options list.

    If you would like to order a different PC configuration, please contact us.


    Warranty: 2 years

    Kiosk customization available for your own application! Contuct us for further details!

    Spareparts and repair service guaranteed for 10+ years period.


    The kiosks price does not contain any software. If your request, we could install for free of charge Linux on the purchased terminal, which provides safe browsing for one website.

    Another option: you could purchase Windows operating system and a secure browser, we could also install this if you wish.

    If the product is in stock, you will see a kioszk-raktaron sign to the left of its photo. You can see how many pieces there are by pointing with the mouse. This means that the selected kiosk house is available in a painted or unpainted state (inquire about this). Depending on the workload, we can have it ready in 2-3 weeks, in the configuration you requested, and maybe even choose the color.

    Looking for resellers and integrators in all countries!

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  • Article No.
  • Thermal printer

    Barcode and QR code reader

    DIN-rail for fixing any optional parts

    Industry-grade router (Teltonica Rut950 or Rut240)

    Ban card payment (POS) 

    Coin/Token acceptor

    RFID/NFC reader


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