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Ticket Vending Kiosk

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Ticket Vending Kiosk
  • Ticket Vending Kiosk
  • Ticket Vending Kiosk
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Multi-purpose ticket vending machine

  • Entry tickets
  • Toll parking
  • Public transportation tickets

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  • The main features, options:

    • Operating temperature: -25 to +50 Celsius environmental heat
    • Installable to indoors or outdoors
    • 21,5″ shock-proof, high brightness, touchscreen monitor, antiglared surface
    • Intelligent alarm system with remote management
    • Industry grade Intel i3 PC, 240 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM
    • 80mm paper width, ticket / slip printer (95mm-150mm paper diameter, 120-150gr paper weight, core size: 25mm)
    • Anti vandal, 5 points secured lock System
    • Stainless steel , galvanized and powder painted metal case
    • Built in POS System with NFC (paypass) reader/writer
    • Coin validator with change giving (90 coins / denominations, 4-6 denominations can recycle)
    • 2 extra coin hoppers with up to 1000 coins capacity / denomination (depends on coin size)
    • Banknote acceptor with optional recycler unit
    • Uninterruptable power supply
    • The kiosk available in OEM version with SDK
    • We can customize all features/devices/sofware by your requirements
    • Optional color
    • 2 years warranty
    • Modular system, easy maintenance.



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