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Coin-operated timer box

Stock: 2 pc
Coin-operated timer box
  • Coin-operated timer box
  • Coin-operated timer box

Most popular usage:

  • coin operated laundry: wash-machine, dryer machine
  • infra-sauna
  • air conditioner
  • water pump
  • Building lights (tennis court, sport arena, church, etc.)
  • coin operated tennis ball machine
  • Product Details:
    Powder painted vandal-proof metal housing
    IP54 dust and water protection level
    Security lock to open the box (2 pcs included / unit)
    Max Switching capacity: 3x6A (2 or 3 phases)
    Switched output: one (with internal magnetic switch)
    Payment methods: coin and/or token (we can provide with any coin setting)
    Basic version operate with one kind of token or coin
    The timer/pricing and all necessary settings can be setup with internal pushbuttons (Check the attached picture). 

    We can provide the user manual in any desired language. (Default: Hungarian, English)
    The installation suggested to supervise by skilled electrician, based the attached documentation. Easy to set up and install.
    Mechanical counter is built into the box to booking of the income.


    CE declaration of conformity is shipped with the product

    The basic model is not outdoor version.

    Tokens not included in the basic price.

    2 years warranty

  • QuantityDiscountProduct price
    1 pc more thanless than 2 pc-643.9 €/pc
    2 pc more thanless than 6 pc5 %611.7 €/pc
    6 pc more than 10 %579.5 €/pc
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