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WH Standard Hopper

Stock: 2 pc
WH Standard Hopper

Standard Hopper

WH Berlin, HPRO-2024

  • Technical Data

    • For coins and tokens from 21 to 30.5 mm diameter and 1.6 to 3.3 mm thickness with standard belt
    • For coins and tokens from 16.25 to 21.55 mm diameter and 1.0 to 3.3 mm thickness with small belt
    • Available in 12 und 24 volts DC

    • 2 different positions for connection plug

    • Parallel, USB or ccTalk interface 

    Equipped with

    • Self-testing function with error indication
    • Automatic stopping when hopper is empty
    • Dual sensor at coin exit

    Twin Connection 

    System for double capacity and reducing mounting space by combining two hoppers. Four different coin exits are available.

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