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Information touchscreen infotower

Stock: 1 pcs
Information touchscreen infotower
  • Information touchscreen infotower
  • Information touchscreen infotower
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Information terminal with 17" touchscreen

Usage: Indoor

Model: MST1517

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  • 17" TFT with touchscreen (1280x1024 resolution, 1000Nits brightness)

    Optional screen size and touchscreen type

    Kiosk case: powder coated steel (choose the color, send the RAL code with the order remark!)

    230V-powered, silent cooling fan, thermostat controlled

    Built-in 230V power distribution

    Operating temperature: betveeen 10-45 Celsius environmental temperature

    Protection level: IP53

    Select the built-in computer for product options! If you would like to order a different computer configuration, please contact us before ordering.


    The kiosks price does not contain any software. If your request, we could install for free of charge Linux on the purchased terminal, which provides safe browsing for one website.

    Another option: you could purchase Windows operating system and a secure browser, we could also install this if you wish.


    Lead time: 9-12 weeks (in case of no stock)


    Warranty: 2 years

    Looking for resellers and integrators in all countries!

    The primary purpose of the online store is not online sales. Our goal is to provide information on the approximate prices of the products so that you can more easily decide whether it is worth requesting an individual offer even for larger quantities. We recommend that you request a unique offer by email before each purchase. We can only provide service to foreign end users in special cases.

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    1 pcs
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  • A kioszkba beépíthető opcionális eszközök:

    • 60/80mm széles thermo-nyomtató
    • RFID, NFC, Proximity olvasó
    • QR kód / Vonalkód olvasó
    • Tetszőleges DIN sínre szerelhető eszközök (Hurokvezérlő)
    • Tápegységek
    • Szünetmentes táp
    • Kamera
    • IP intercom (kaputelefon)
    • Ipari billentyűzet és/vagy trackball / touchpad (konzolra szerelve)
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