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Information touchscreen infotower

Information touchscreen infotower
  • Information touchscreen infotower
  • Information touchscreen infotower
excl.VAT:1 124.71428.3

Information terminal with 15" or 17" touchscreen

Model: MST1517

  • TFT touchscreen

    Optional screen size and touchscreen type

    Kiosk case: powder coated steel (choose the color, send the RAL code with the order remark!)

    230V-powered, silent cooling fan, thermostat controlled

    Built-in 230V power distribution

    Select the built-in computer for product options! If you would like to order a different computer configuration, please contact us before ordering.


    The kiosks price does not contain any software. If your request, we could install for free of charge Linux on the purchased terminal, which provides safe browsing for one website.

    Another option: you could purchase Windows operating system and a secure browser, we could also install this if you wish.

  • Ordered quantityDisc.Product Price
    1 pcs more thanless than 2 pcsNone!1 428.3 €/pcs
    2 pcs more thanless than 5 pcs7 %1 328.3 €/pcs
    5 pcs more thanless than 10 pcs10 %1 285.5 €/pcs
    10 pcs more than 15 %1 214.1 €/pcs
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